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2020 Classes

Learn new skills, build a team, improve morale, launch a new product line, reward your staff, treat your best clients, or get together with a group of friends and learn to make something delicious while you do it!

Host a culinary event, celebrate a milestone, make it a memorable anniversary, learn plant-based versions of favourite dishes, all while learning great recipes and enjoying a superb meal. Forest City Culinary Experience classes can be custom designed to suit your needs and any specialized culinary interest. Sign up for your group today.

Arrangements can be customized for all types of unique and special events and cooking classes. Bryan Lavery and his culinary team’s depth of expertise stretch into a variety of diverse fields. Let us know what you’d like to do and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Experience Options

Cooking Demo Experience

We will guide you and your guests through an entertaining, seasonal, multi-course menu with locally-sourced ingredients. Learn new cooking skills and have a fun and informative outing, sampling and tasting all the dishes that are prepared in this demo class.
  • Minimum 12 guests, maxium 20
  • 2-hour classes starting from $60 + tax per person
  • 3-hour classes starting from $80 + tax per person

Hands-On and From-Scratch Cooking Class Experience

Sometimes the best way to learn is hands-on… under the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable chef.  Join us for a hands-on cooking class customized to teach essential culinary skills. Learn Italian and French cooking fundamentals or how to make the perfect soufflé, handmade gnocchi, polenta and various regional kinds of pasta and sauces from-scratch. Classes can be customized to your group’s level of interest and experience.
  • Minimum 12 guests, maxium 20
  • 2-hour classes starting from $60 + tax per person
  • 3-hour classes starting from $80 + tax per person

Mobile Cooking Classes at Home Coming Soon

Why not stay at home, and have us come to you. Invite a few friends, some family, or colleagues and we will deliver any of our cooking classes right in your own kitchen. Not sure if your space will work? Drop us a line and we will let you know.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking Series

Consider the Souffle

A well-made soufflé is the triumph of egg cooking. In this class we will concentrate on how to perfect the soufflés two components – stiffly beaten egg whites and a thick well-seasoned flavoured base. We will prepare and sample a variety of savoury and dessert soufflés that will include chef Bryan Lavery’s signature Goat Cheese Soufflés and Double Chocolate Soufflé Cake. This class includes lunch.

A Return to French and Italian
Cooking Fundamentals

Featuring: Soups, Stocks, and the Mother Sauces

You won’t get too far in the kitchen if you don’t understand the principles of building flavour in your cooking. In this class, you’ll learn how to create your own rich stocks, savoury soups and classic sauces. We will teach you indispensable recipes for such classics as a good basic stock, how to perfect a good soup, the ultimate tomato sauce, and a variety of time-honoured cooking tips and techniques. This class includes a four-course lunch.

Mastering the Art of Italian Cooking Series

Italian cookery is known for being delicious, healthy and full of imagination. From rustic simplicity to elaborate grandeur, the mastery of all Italian cuisine can be found in the diversity of the cooking of Italy’s 20 regions. This course will be taught by chef Bryan Lavery who will instruct participants to prepare a variety of traditional recipes based on regional specialty items and ingredients that include bread-making and fresh pasta making. These hands-on lessons are interactive and include samplings and a three-course lunch.

All about Pasta

This very popular course is all about pasta and sauces. Which pasta goes best with which sauce? What’s the proper way to cook pasta? What’s the difference between fresh pasta and dried pasta? This hands- on course will teach you how to make, cook and sauce pasta. It will also provide you with the Do’s and Don’ts of traditional pasta dishes. Guests will try their hand at rolling out the dough and forming their own shapes (think, raviolacci, orecchiette, and tortelli).  Afterwards, everyone will prepare their own sauce under the guidance of our Chef. This lesson will include a multi-course pasta lunch.

Mastering the Italian
Kitchen for Beginners

In Italian cuisine, flavour serves as a base, rather than an embellishment. In any dish, whether it’s a soup, a sauce, or a risotto, flavour is the foundation for all the other ingredients. This principle is central to Italian culinary technique, and, once learned, will allow you to create the authentic flavours vital to the specificity of Italian regional cuisine. This class is about the architecture of Italian cooking and includes dinner.

An Introduction to Tuscan Cooking, Part 1

Tuscany’s artistic history has helped develop its reputation for culinary refinement. True Tuscan cooking is distinguished by its simplicity and rural nature. This winter, warm up the kitchen with delicious Tuscan bread, then learn to make a variety of hearty bread-based soups such as Pappa Al Pomodoro, a traditional tomato and bread soup, and Ribollita, a bread-thickened vegetable soup. We will also prepare the Tuscan classic Stracotto di Manzo al Chianti Classico, braised organic beef with Chianti Classico, currants and pine nuts.

An Introduction to Tuscan Cooking, Part 2

This class features traditional, time-honoured Tuscan recipes for pasta, polenta and tasty sauces. Which pasta type goes best with which sauce? What’s the proper way to cook pasta? What’s the difference between fresh pasta and dried pasta? This class will teach you the proper techniques of how to make, cook and sauce a variety of simple but classic recipes, including the delicious bean soup Pasta Fagioli and typical Tuscan pastas such as pappardelle and penne. Many Tuscan recipes include tomato-based sauces, and the strong cheeses of which Tuscans are extremely fond.

Regional Cooking of Northern Italy

The cuisine of Emilia-Romagna is traditional, and includes such well-known delicacies as Balsamico, prosciutto di Parma, Mortadella, and pancetta. Renowned cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano and Grana Padano also come from this region. In this course, you will discover how to create some of the many delicious regional recipes, including a variety of stuffed pastas and zabaglione for dessert. Join chef Bryan Lavery, on an exciting culinary tour of Emilia-Romagna. This class includes lunch or dinner.

Regional Cooking of Central Italy

An Introduction to the Cooking of Abruzzo

The Italian region of Abruzzo is a land of hospitality, vibrant festivals, dark traditions, enormous passion and superstition. The spilling of oil is a sure sign of catastrophe. Abruzzi’s cooks are masters at turning simple ingredients into glorious feasts. Some of Italy’s best chefs come from this region. This is the one of the areas of Italy that Chef Bryan Lavery likes to visit for inspiration. In this class we will prepare many of the regions’ simple but classic offerings. Bring a big appetite.


Please notify us in advance if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies. If we are not notified
ahead of time of any special needs, we may not be able to accommodate them.

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